Lechuza® Balconera: The Secret to Healthy, Beautiful Plants

Lechuza® Balconera: The Secret to Healthy, Beautiful Plants

We all tend to gravitate towards the outdoors as spring comes around and everything starts to bloom and grow. But you can also enjoy the outdoors in your own home by adding plants to your balcony or patio - and not just in summer. In addition to choosing the right plants, choosing the right planters is also crucial for healthy and vigorous growth. They should be high-quality, robust and durable as well as practical - easy to assemble and easy to keep watered. The "Balconera" series by Lechuza® offers a uniquely clever and convenient solution that not only impresses with its stylish look but also with its built-in irrigation system that keeps your plants optimally supplied with water even in the summer heat. The result: magnificent plants & happy, relaxed gardeners.

Details about the LECHUZA® BALCONERA

Materials and design: weatherproof, durable & beautiful

Available in three attractive designs in two sizes. "Cottage" adds a modern country touch with its playful braided look while "Stone" scores with a natural stone look and "Color" inspires with attractive trendy colours and a silky matt surface. Whether placed free-standing, attached to the balcony railing or on the wall, the shatterproof planters made of UV and frost-resistant polypropylene always look stylish and gorgeous.

The "all-in-one" planter: simply ingenious

The plant liners can be easily placed inside or taken out thanks to the retractable and sturdy handles. So you can do all your potting/repotting tasks on a table - the ideal back-friendly working height. Particularly practical: if there is an imminent storm, you can quickly and easily move your plants to a sheltered spot without having to move or unassemble the entire planter. Even tall plants pose no problems when they have to be moved or taken indoors over the winter.

The patented, original Lechuza ® built-in irrigation system: practical & clever

The large water reservoirs of three or five litres keep plants reliably supplied with the optimal amount of water even on the hottest days. The practical water level indicator lets you know when water needs to be added while the purely mineral plant substrate Lechuza-Pon ensures a constant supply of nutrients with the perfect air & water ratio and can be used for many years. The removable bottom screw ensures that excess water can drain away and thus prevents waterlogged roots.

Installation: flexible, simple & quick

The railing bracket specially developed for the Balconera planters offers a secure and stable hold with soft textile loops that protect the balcony railing from scratches. The maximum load capacity is 25 kg and it can even be mounted on the wall.

To get the balcony planting season off to a great start, Lechuza® is offering their bestseller for magnificent balcony plants in an exclusive starter package that contains everything you need for easy assembly and optimal care of plants. It includes:

  • Balconera Cottage 80 planter with two separate plant liners
  • Window box holder (1 pair)
  • Lechuza Pon plant substrate (12 L)
  • Water level indicator

Simply unpack, assemble and add your favourite plants!

Lechuza®: Lechuza® has been helping gardeners grow healthy, beautiful plants for more than 20 years with award-winning designer planters made of high-quality materials that look great in any setting. The planters are manufactured sustainably in Germany. Whether indoors or outdoors, they add stylish accents wherever they are placed with their sophisticated designs and patented watering system.

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