Feng Shui

Principles of Feng Shui Principles of Feng Shui

The Chinese teachings of Feng Shui show us how to make our home more comfortable. Here are some basic principles.

The Ideal Workplace with Feng Shui

Concentration is a tricky task. Sometimes we are the very picture of concentration and sometimes we can't concentrate at all. This is also related to the design of your workplace. Find out how to use Feng Shui to get the most out of your workplace...

The Feng Shui Bathroom

The bathroom is not only a place of purification, it is also a place of relaxation and letting go. Nevertheless, the bathroom often is not given the recognition it deserves, probably because we usually do not spend much time in this room....

Feng Shui in the Living Room

Feng Shui is a Taoist theory of harmony from China. The aim of this teaching is the harmonization of man with his environment. This will be achieved through a conscious design of your living spaces. Today's focus is on the living room.