The Feng Shui Bathroom

The bathroom is not only a place of purification, it is also a place of relaxation and letting go. Nevertheless, the bathroom often is not given the recognition it deserves, probably because  we usually do not spend much time in this room. However, it is especially important to let the Chi flow and to create an atmosphere of comfort in the bathroom.

A private room of well-being

To ensure that your bathroom is as comfortable as possible, first principle is that it should be a separate room with its own door. The bathroom should furthermore have a window so that it receives sufficient light and proper ventilation. Should this not be possible, daylight lamps and a ventilation system can help. If you have a bathtub, it should be located with the top end facing the door, so that the door is always in view. Cultivate plants in the bathroom for an increased energy potential, better air quality and greater comfort. 

Practical with a lot of space

The bathroom needs storage for a number of different things: towels, personal care products, cosmetics and so on. Therefore, plenty of storage space is important. The best storage consists of cabinets with their own doors. When they are closed, the room exudes peace and order. Nevertheless, all things that you need daily should be at reach, otherwise the storage is impractical. Also, remember the minimalist principle. Too many boxes, cabinets or containers spoils the spatial effect. It is important to find a happy medium.

Create harmony with the right colors and accessories

An excellent color for a bathroom is green. This enlivens the space and radiates harmony and freshness. Red should be avoided. This color is associated with the fire and therefore is not consistent with water.
Scents and candles also create a relaxing atmosphere.
If possible, avoid sharp edges and corners as they interfere with the flow of chi.

Establish a counterweight to the element of water

Wet areas are unfavorable for Feng Shui. Drains provide openings to the outdoors through which the chi is lost. Flowing water is in fact a chi-carrier and thus life energy is literally lost through the drains. In order to compensate, natural tones can be used in the bathroom. The colors cream, sand, beige, and yellow provide energy stabilization. In addition, it helps if door and toilet lid are always closed.