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Hammocks have a special cozy quality that is undeniable. They can be hung up outdoors for enjoying a few glorious hours in the sun. Hammocks were actually invented in Latin America. When the Europeans arrived later in history, they took the idea of hammocks all over the globe. Today hammocks can be seen all over the world. 

Hammocks create an opportunity to sleep or rest similar to a bed. In contrast, a hammock is suspended from two fixed points. Thus, it has a comfortable sag. 

History and the origins of the word

The origins of the word "hammock" come from the island of Haiti. The locals there called their sleeping nets "hamáka". Columbus arrived in 1492 and enjoyed his first experience with hammocks. In Latin America, they were used as protection against dangerous animals, as well as from dirt and moisture.

The German word for hammocks, "Hängematte", has an interesting history. In German the words Hamaco or Hamach were first used. The oldest evidence dates from 1529. Soon the word was converted into "hängematt" because the other words probably sounded too strange. This new word creation is similar to the pronunciation of the root word Hamach, but at the same time is also a perfect description of what a hammock actually is: a hanging sleeping mat. Here, "hänge" means "hanging" and "matte" means "mat".

The Europeans took to the idea of the hammock quickly and often used the at sea. Hammocks have offered several advantages. for travel at sea. The production was not expensive, they did not take up much space and they move with the natural rocking motion of the ship. This guaranteed not only a more restful sleep, but kept people from falling out of bed in heavy seas. Hammocks soon became the traditional method of sleeping on European vessels. 

Types of hammocks

Hammocks can be classified according to two criteria: the type of surface and whether the hammock has wooden spreaders.

The sleeping surface will traditionally be cloth or mesh. The latter are usually tied to form a fabric. Mexican net hammocks are traditionally free of knots though. Thus, the lying surface adapts better to the body shape. The comfort of a mesh hammock basically depends on the size of the mesh and the knot strength.

Wooden spreaders be used to keep the lying area open. Incorrect weight distribution which can lead to a tilt which makes you fall out of the hammock.

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