Decorating Tips

Balconies: The right facing is key

Did you know that wood furniture is best placed on a south-facing balcony? No, then read on and get helpful tips for the perfect balcony, depending on the direction.

Tips for a Nicer Office

Sometimes we forget that our home office is a place we actually spend a lot of time in, and don't pay enough attention to decorating it. Not anymore!

A Wintry Mood with the Right Decorations

Outside the days are getting chillier, but for lots of us the snow has not yet arrive. Just because things don't look so wintery outside, doesn't mean we can't enjoy winter at home! Here are our decoration tips to create a little winter atmosphere...

St. Martin's Day

On November 11th, many people celebrate St. Martin's Day, or a feast in honor of St. Martin. Here is a closer look at the tradition.