Balconies: The right facing is key

Balconies: The right facing is key

A balcony is something wonderful, it can be simple and uncomplicated for quickly enjoying the sun on it. It is even better if the balcony is beautifully designed and offers a real feel-good atmosphere, which makes it an oasis of peace and a retreat.

In order for the balcony to really fulfil what we want from it, you should pay attention to a few things when setting it up. So you only have a certain amount of space available and the direction should play a crucial role in the design. After all, it is the factor that determines the duration of sunlight, which in turn is important for the choice of balcony furniture, sun protection and the respective plants. Here are our tips for balconies...

South facing

Balconies facing south are the best way to create a sunny retreat. The balcony has all day sun, so there should be a place where you can sunbathe comfortably. Depending on the size, maybe a dedicated sun lounging area would prove to be of good use.

As beautiful as a south-facing balcony in spring and autumn, it gets so hot in summer. Therefore, a good sunscreen is worth an investment, otherwise, the balcony is no longer usable in midsummer.

If you want to plant flowers, you should rely on varieties that easily tolerate much sun. These include, for example, hibiscus, lavender or olive trees. Nevertheless, always remember to water the plants sufficiently.

East or west facing

A balcony with east orientation has sun in the morning, so you can use it, if the weather is right, for breakfast. A small table and chairs for two people on such a balcony are a good basic equipment. A sunscreen is not necessary, unless you already suffer in the morning under the heat. From noon there is shade on an east-facing balcony, which is why half shadow plants are perfect for it.

Conversely, a west balcony looks away from the sun in the morning but it gets plenty of sun from the second half of the day until the evening. So a west balcony is for people who come home from work in the afternoon to relax a bit. On such a balcony comfortable furniture in lounge-style or with a couch is a must.

North orientation

A balcony with north exposure does not have it easy. It does not get much sun, which is why a sunbed or a sunscreen are not particularly useful. Especially on hot days, they play their benefits, providing some respite from the heat.

The furniture on a balcony with north exposure are mostly in the shade. This means that the dew is not really dried by the sun, so the furniture should be of high quality, otherwise, they will suffer. Wooden furniture you have after the season on a north-facing balcony, for example, must be cleaned and maintained.

In terms of plant technology, ferns and grasses, but also herbs that do not require much light, are available on the northern balconies.