Brabantia “Sort & Go”: Smart Waste Separation for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Brabantia “Sort & Go”: Smart Waste Separation for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sort and recycle your waste easily with smart waste separation systems that also look great. Good for you and for the environment.

The amount of waste we produce is increasing every year in spite of growing awareness of its impact on our climate. There are several factors at play here. For instance, only glass and paper have high rates of recycling and reuse while a lot of other waste such as food packaging ends up in our organic waste bins. Furthermore, not separating individual packaging components often prevents packaging materials from being effectively recycled. But in times of climate change and reducing CO2 emissions, there's simply no option but to reduce the amount of waste we produce and get better about recycling. The best place to start is at home!

Avoid, Separate, Recycle!

The best waste is of course that which is never created in the first place! By consciously purchasing reusable bottles and unpackaged food and by using reusable containers and fabric bags for shopping, each of us can contribute to protecting precious natural resources. Because what is not produced does not have to be disposed of. However, where waste is unavoidable, we should recycle as much as possible and the first step towards recycling is the careful separation of waste.

A Classic Example: The Good Old Yoghurt Container

A lot of packaging used to be made entirely of a single material such as plastic but nowadays it is often made up of different materials. Case in point - the widely available yoghurt cups in most stores are often made up of plastic with a cardboard sleeve and an aluminium lid. Although the entire cup is discarded as a whole in the recycling bin for plastic, ideally it should be separated into its individual components. This is the only way for the sorting system to recognise each material for effective sorting. Even if it is space-saving, it is not a good idea to nest similar packaging/containers into each other as this can confuse automated sorting systems and possibly prevent the materials from being correctly recognised. Not all paper packaging is the same as regular paper that goes into the paper recycling bin. If it has a coating (for example, paper packaging for frozen foods), it needs to be placed in the recycling bin for plastic.

Brabantia “Sort & Go” - A Practical Way to Separate Your Waste

Carefully sorting and separating waste is not easy but the cleverly designed "Sort & Go" collection by Brabantia makes it easier. The beautifully designed bins available in different sizes and fresh colours are a convenient and practical way to separate your household waste. From containers for organic waste suitable for small kitchens to stackable separation systems, the Dutch specialist in waste management offers the right solution for every situation.

Stylish, Practical, Clever

The well-designed bins with removable hinged lids, sturdy handles and comfortable recessed grips on the back allow you to easily transport as well as empty the waste. Furthermore, the lid flap remains open, making it easier to deposit waste in the bins as well. The different sizes and colours can be easily combined to create a unique look that does not need to be hidden out of sight! The thoughtful design even hides the unsightly edges of the perfectly fitting bin liners so nothing disturbs the clean lines and tidy overall appearance.

Discover the “Sort & Go” collection and other clever waste separation systems by Brabantia for your home now!