Fragrant Feelings

Smells and emotions go together like glue. In the English language there are many expressions that are bound to expression of scent. Something that stinks is almost always perceived as negative, for example. Additionally, many of our feelings are expressed through linguistic images that revolve around the sense of smell. This connection is not only linguistic: scents actually affect our well-being.

The reason why we are so affected by the scents around us lies in the nature of smell. Once our nose registers a scent, this information passes through nerve pathways directly to several areas of the brain. Among them is the area of ​​memory storage that is just for emotions. By stimulating the nervous system, scent immediately impacts our well being. 

For this reason, it is possible to use fragrances to actively change one's mood. The right fragrance has positive effects because odors can not be separated from emotions and memories. Sometimes the effect of certain scents is so strong that we are completely drawn into an old memory.

A soothing fragrance can also spread a soothing atmosphere. Using aromatherapy you can give your own home a personal touch and make it an oasis of peace. Choose a refreshing scent to create an atmosphere of concentration. Whatever you decide, the scent combinations at home are virtually limitless.

To take account of these facts, we have have now added home fragrances to our catalog. Now you too can improve your mood and sense of well being with our many home fragrances.