Brabantia: Sustainable Practical Design

Brabantia: Sustainable Practical Design

The international company Brabantia has set itself the goal of developing products for the present, but always with a view to the future. What sounds a bit cryptic now, is basically quite simple:

The term "products for the present" conceals practical and functional household products in an extraordinary aesthetically focused design. Not only do Brabantia products have a modern charm and look good, they are extremely practical. Instead of standing in each other's way, form and function merge into a harmonious whole in Brabantia.


This simultaneous focus on function and form is due to the goals the company has set itself. It wants to enrich the life with beautifully designed product concepts, in which use represents an enrichment. At the same time, one is also aware of the effects on the planet. The family business, therefore, attaches great importance to sustainability in order to leave a better world for future generations.

Sustainability as a historical heritage

Sustainability runs like a thread through the history of Brabantia. The company was founded 99 years ago, in 1919, by 15 people in the small Dutch town of Aalst. At that time they were still producing watering and milk cans, sieves and funnels. Over time, new products were added. But let's take a look at how sustainability has already played a role for Brabantia when the term has no meaning at all.

After World War II, old condensed milk cans were recycled and turned into cups. In 1975, the company installed a high-tech water purification system for production. In 2006, the production was equipped with solar energy and since 2015, Brabantia is the official partner of various environmental organizations. It supports WeForest's reforestation efforts to reduce global warming, The Ocean Cleanup on its mission to rid the seas of plastic waste, and Plastic Whale, the world's first plastic waste fishing company. In addition, The Hunger Project helps fight the world hunger.

Today, all products are developed against the background of their recyclability. The aim is to make all products 100% recyclable; On the way to this goal, they have come very far.

Brabantia products include intelligent storage can solutions, incredibly stylish trash cans, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and more.

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