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Emil® makes practical, eco-friendly products manufactured in Europe. Environmentally friendly production and the use of harmless materials are top priorities at Emil® - after all, avoiding waste was the original idea when this brand was founded.

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Emil® glass bottles are hygienic and retain the taste and purity of a drink as glass does not absorb or impart flavours or aromas. Tea, juice or milk as well as carbonated drinks can be stored in these glass bottle. Furthermore, the bottles are free from toxic substances. Protect your glass bottle and keep your drinks cold or warm for longer with the thermal sleeve and the bottle bag.

Emil® offers many colourful water bottles as well as bottles for children and babies. Bags and MediKiss yoga cushions complete the range.

You are sure to find your favourite among the range of modern and unique designs.

Emil® is made 100% in Bavaria, Germany. The team at Emil wishes to make the world a little better every day - for example, by giving people healthy daily companions for life.