Tips for a Nicer Office

Monday, 17. July 2017

Tips for a Nicer Office

Sometimes we forget that our home office is a place we actually spend a lot of time in, and don't pay enough attention to decorating it. Not anymore!

When we put all our energy into decorating the rest of our homes, our home offices often get overlooked. This is a mistake because not only does having a nice office increase productivity, it is much more inviting and comfortable. 

We've compiled a few tips on how to breathe life into your workspace! 

  • Spice up your lighting
    Instead of using boring office lamps, use stylish table lights or floor lamps. Having a place that is well lit is instantly more inviting.
  • Use wallpaper or paint your walls
    Why not bring more life to your office with more color? There is no law that offices have to have white walls. Try subtle colors or elegant wallpaper to create a relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Add accents to perk things up
    This is simple, fast and cheap - all you need is a combination of candles, art and flowers. Just note that scented candles may be distracting- try to stick to subtle scents.
  • A sofa or couch is a must
  • For more comfort, add a sofa or a couch, perhaps in combination with a
    small side table. Not being tied to your table encourages creativity and keeps you motivated.
  • Go for comfy textiles!
    Think about adding pillows, blankets or comfortable carpets to your office. Textiles can also be used to add pops of color. 
  • Personalize your space
    Make your space reflect your personality with carefully chosen pictures or mementos. 
  • Branch out from a classic desk chair!
    Comfort is the most important criterion for a desk chair. Try an armchair, or a chair with a great design.