The Dream of Your Own Home Bar

The epitome of style is offering a guest a drink from your own private bar. This scene can be seen in many a film, making the idea of having a bar in your own home quite catchy. You can write entire books about how to outfit the perfect home bar, but here are the first steps towards quickly and easily outfitting your home bar.

It's about your own preferences

You do not need to have every spirit in the world at your home bar. Your bar should be directed more toward your taste and to that of your guests. Select only things people will really drink. What good is it to have an excellent whiskey at home when nobody drinks it? Stocking the wrong drinks costs not only money, but takes up space you could use elsewhere. The size of the bar is thus not a critical factor. It's more about what you want to be able to offer your guests. Pay attention to what your friends order while out in public bars and you'll know what you need at home!

Accessories: things you really need

A well-stocked bar includes the right accessories. There are a few essential things that should not be missing. The most important is a shaker, because, without one, you won't be able to make many cocktails. A jigger is a measuring instrument for measuring liquid for cocktails. To pour the cocktail from the shaker into the glass, take a bar strainer to strain out ice and pieces of fruit. Some shakers have an integrated strainer. The bar spoon is used for measuring and crushing the ingredients, as well as for stirring the finished beverage. A pestle is used to crush the ingredients (fruits, herbs) so that the flavours really come into their own. Finally, the ice tongs stylishly transport ice into your glasses. The latter, of course, is a must for every bar. Don't forget that the right glass makes a drink into a proper cocktail.

Another little tip: go slow. Begin by having the ingredients for four or five cocktails in your bar. Get to know the drinks and gradually expand your repertoire and knowledge as you go.