Hygge: Lifestyle and Design Trends

Hygge: Lifestyle and Design Trends

Hygge is a Danish way of life that makes you happy. Here we show you how you can make your home a happier, more comfortable place

Word meaning

The word Hygge comes from Danish and has meanwhile spread as a loan word as well as a fixed place in the German language. This is also because "Hygge" in Danish is not just a word, but an attitude towards life and therefore prominently used. It is, so to speak, a tradition developed by the Danes that creates a balance between work, leisure and family away from everyday stress. Above all, the atmosphere is the focus. It must, above all, just feel good, and offer a sense of well-being.

Hygge's interpretation varies from person to person. One enjoys a picnic in the countryside, another an evening with friends, and yet another just a cup of tea or a good book. Basically, it's always about enriching every situation with joy, warmth and familiarity and savouring it, feeling well and relaxing.

As a trend word, Hygge has also established itself among interior fans, where it has become to mean when one can relax and regain strength for new challenges.

How does Hygge work?

Hygge is all about community, socialising and family, but it also includes creating a place to really relax. And this place of retreat, rest and relaxation is best made in your own home.

The easiest way to get a hygge feeling is to pay close attention to the lighting in the room. When it gets dark, instead of a large ceiling light, many well-placed floor lamps or table lamps should be switched on. Even a fireplace or, if none exists, candles are wonderful, because fire brings cosiness. There should also be some upholstery, pillows and blankets on the sofa or chairs, and you can then have a welcoming, atmospheric and relaxing atmosphere.

Design your home with Hygge

A hyggeling home is not magic if you pay attention to a few things. To begin with, a hyggeling home is easiest to design with classic and timeless designs. On sofas, many blankets and pillows should be available. These give the living room more structure and set a visual anchor. Textured fabrics, warm colours and soft wool are the most comfortable.

Even carpets are an excellent idea. The best are voluminous woven rugs made of viscose or wool. This not only benefits the acoustics in the room because they have a damping effect, but they also exude peace and comfort.

Cold materials or those that act cold, such. As plastic or chrome, should be avoided as far as possible. The focus should be on natural materials that are soothing and comfortable. These include wool or wood. Gentle textures and natural hues also support the calming effect.

Enjoy your home with Hygge as a lifestyle in a soft chair, a good book in hand and a hot tea next to it - or just with friends on a convivial evening. It's up to you. The only certainty is that Hygge has helped make the Danes one of the happiest people in the world. And with Hygge we can become happier and more relaxed ourselves.