Box Springs - A Trend in Europe

Good sleep has always been important. You can only rise to the challenges of the day if you've gotten good sleep, especially in our busy lives. One of the basic needs for good sleep is a good bed. Now we have even more choices available than ever! 

Box spring beds are getting more and more popular in Europe. It's not exactly a surprise- the beds simply look good. The multiple mattresses and considerable height, these mattresses look luxurious and make for great sleep. 

Construction & Price

A box spring is built differently than a mattress that is meant for a European bed with slats and a mattress. The box spring mattress is based on a 20-30 centimeter high wooden frame with springs on the inside. The box spring mattress is much thicker than a conventional mattresses. Many box springs come with a layer of foam on top for comfort and air circulation. 

Box springs are still somewhat pricy, but the price reveals their quality. Box springs can be bought in a price range from 800-12,000 Euros.

Advantages & disadvantages

Like everything in the world, box springs have specific advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a closer look:


  • Height - box springs usually have a height of 60-70 centimeters, which is why they are useful for the elderly or people with back problems. They are easier to get up from.
  • Optics - say what you want, but these beds simply look good. They look cozy and impressive paired with a large headboard. 
  • Insulation - depending on whether or not the mattress has a foam top, these beds provide excellent thermal insulation, keeping us warm.


  • Bulky - the mattresses are large and bulky making them harder to transport.
  • Wells - the springs are prone to sagging over time, allowing wells to form in the mattress with age. 
  • No air- the mattress doesn't allow for as much air movement. 
  • Non-returnable: many box springs cannot be returned, which can be inconvenient. 
  • Soft - these mattress often have a lot of give, which some people don't enjoy. 

Tips for buying a box spring. 

Unfortunately, the term "box spring" is not protected. Therefore, there are no mandatory standards that a box spring has to adhere to. It is therefore worthwhile to consider these tips:

  1. Read up before you buy! Since these mattresses are an investment, you want to be well informed. 
  2. Consider your height, weight and needs before you buy. 
  3. Never buy a mattress without testing it! Make sure to test the bed in the morning when you are well rested. By the afternoon most people find any bed comfortable.
  4. Learn about different models before you go to the store. Know which type would best work for you. 
  5. Expensive is not always better. Everyone has different needs! 
  6. If it is possible to borrow the mattress for a sample period, always do! What seems comfortable the first night might change over time.