Beautiful Balconies for Better Living

Beautiful Balconies for Better Living

Today living spaces and their decorations have attracted the attention of a legion of designers. Balconies, however, are  often overlooked. They shouldn't be! Proper decoration can make for wonderfully relaxing moments outdoors. Read on for our tips on setting up a stylish balcony. 

Most balconies have great potential for improvement. The good news is, today we have more options available for decorating than ever before. 

Choose your style

In the beginning decoration comes down to basic design. What style do you want to set up your balcony in? With outdoor furniture, simple planters and flowerless potted plants you can create a lounge atmosphere. Do you like a maritime style with blue and white accessories better? Maybe you like oriental elements. In brief, Choose your decorations in accordance to your favorite style, and beautify your balcony. There are practically no creative boundaries.

The floor is the foundation

If you have opted for a matching style, you should get a matching floor. There are now a wide range of affordable outdoor carpets on the market, as well as tile or wooden floors. The last two options are much easier to clean. Wood is pleasant even when it is hot outside, as it does not absorb heat the same way tile does. If you live in a rented apartment, you can always easily install wooden tiles that click together on top of the floor, instead of a fixed installed floor. 

Add color for a longer life

The simplest means for quick embellishment is color. Get colorful! Paint the wall or the old wooden furniture a new color, or use colorful tablecloths and colorful dishes. Colors enliven the balcony and give it a completely different atmosphere.

What can I do with a small balcony?

You can make yourself comfortable on any balcony, no matter how small. Save space by storing folding furniture on wall hooks. They can then be stowed on the wall to save space. Instead of using flower pots, use flowers and planters for railings or use hanging baskets. Small storage containers like stools that double as storage are often a good idea.

 Lighting creates atmosphere

In the evening, you need a little light on the balcony. Here, lanterns and oil lamps offer cozy light sources. For larger balconies, consider a fireplace. Fires spread warm light and provide great atmosphere. Today, there are also a variety of portable lights with batteries available. LED lamps consume little power and are therefore particularly suitable. Solar lamps could also be right thing for you and your balcony.

South, West, North, East - What difference does the orientation make?

The direction your balcony faces should play a major role in the balcony design; a sunbed on a north-facing balcony makes little sense, for example. A south-facing balcony is perfect for sunny hours. If you have enough space, your balcony is perfect for cozy furniture where you can sunbathe. Just remember that it can be extremely hot in summer. Sunscreen is always a good idea. Make sure you have plants that can tolerate a lot of sun, and don't forget to water them!

East and west balconies facing balconies have about half a day of sun respectively. East facing balconies have morning sun for a golden light. A breakfast table is therefore very useful. A west-facing balcony is ideal for working professionals, as they can enjoy a little sun in the evening. These balconies are perfect for dinner and may need a sun umbrella. Plants that thrive in half shade are ideal for these balconies. 

North balconies not the best if you want to be in the sun a lot, but they do offer refreshment on extremely hot days. Keep in mind that the furniture you keep on these balconies will not have a chance to dry in the sun, so make sure you have mold resistant furniture. Above all, wooden furniture should be cleaned thoroughly after the summer. Plants that like shade are perfect for balconies with northern exposure.