Unusual Decoration Ideas in "Fashion"

There are certainly plenty of fashion inspired decorations to choose from when it comes to your home. If you're interested in fashion, using these items can be a creative way to decorate your space. Here's some food for thought on the subject. 

Fashionable, stylish clothes not only make for a great appearance, but can also be used for decorating your home. You can never wear all of your clothes at once, so why hide your best looking clothes away? 
Show off your favorite pieces! A favorite dress or a leather jacket can be put on display much like in a boutique. It's not hard to set up a boutique like feel in your home. You can show off your favorite clothes effectively with these tips:

  • A magazine holder shows off clothes in a subtle but clever manner.   Alternatively, you can use a few tree branches as hangers, depending on whether or not they fit your decor. You could also repurpose an old ladder. To display your shoes or handbags, use small shelves on your wall as display places. Or, try hanging your bags on hooks. If you love hats, storing them on the wall makes for both a handy and decorative element of design. 
  • For jewelry, try using bottles or decorative glass hands. 
  • To highlight your love for fashion even more, don't just show off your wardrobe, show off your passion for clothes! Don't throw away your magazines when you're finished with them, you can use them as wall decorations or stack them on your coffee table.Your imagination has no limits!
  • Fashionable photographs, whether in color or black and white, currently in. You could also choose a wallpaper with fashion prints of shoes, etc. Here, less is more. A single wall or individual papered strip has a beautiful effect. 
  • Actively display your clothes as fashionable home accessories. A vintage dress or an old handbag can mesh perfectly with your decor and can catch the eye in your home. Again, feel free to be creative.

Have fun and enjoy your new, stylish and effective means of decorating!