Steam clothes instead of ironing them: Save time and protect your clothes

Steam clothes instead of ironing them: Save time and protect your clothes

Why steaming?

Saves time: With a steam iron, you can smooth out wrinkles in clothes in less time than with a regular iron. The steam penetrates deep into the fibres and relaxes wrinkles faster - so you spend less time ironing and gain more time for the more important things in life.

Gentle on clothes: Steaming clothes does not require clothes to be directly touched which reduces the risk of damage caused by heat or pressure. This therefore makes steaming particularly gentle on delicate fabrics such as silk and wool and prolongs the life of your favourite items of clothing.

Versatile: Steaming is not only suitable for smoothing out wrinkles in clothes but can also be used to freshen them and remove odours. You can also use it on curtains, upholstered furniture and even mattresses to freshen them up and remove dust mites.

New products from Brabantia

Brabantia takes steaming to a new level. Their latest innovations make steaming even easier and more effective.

Steaming Board: The folding steaming board by Brabantia helps smooth out wrinkles in a flash - for lightning-fast and super-smooth results. Simply hang it up wherever it's convenient and use both sides of the board for steaming. The rounded top makes it easy to tackle collars and shoulders. And when you're done, it can be easily folded up and put away.

Steamer Underlay for the Door: This practical accessory by Brabantia makes steaming clothes as easy as pie. Just hang it on a door and use it as the steamer underlay as you quickly and reliably steam out the wrinkles from your clothes. An efficient and space-saving solution for a flawless look!

Clothes Rack and Steam Hanger: For those who want to avoid ironing, Brabantia also offers a clothes rack and steam hangers that allow you to hang up clothes and smooth out wrinkles. These practical products are ideal for everyday use and save time and space in your wardrobe.

Steaming is thus an efficient, gentle and versatile way to care for your clothes and smooth out wrinkles. The latest innovations from Brabantia make steaming even easier and more convenient - try it out and experience the difference for yourself!