More luck with the right interior design decisions?

More luck with the right interior design decisions?

How do you feel today? The answer to this question is also influenced by the things we encounter on a daily basis, which we see every day. The first thing we see on most days is our home, and so it's the first thing that affects our mood.

Mood test

The next time you come home, you should stop at the front door. Close your eyes for a moment and be aware of your thoughts. Gather and take a few deep breaths until you are calm. Then go through the front door and take a look at each room of your home. How do you feel about it?

If the answer to this last question is anything but "fantastic," you should change that. After all, our home should be a place where we can feel comfortable, switch off, relax. But it also has to convey that mood to us.

Luckily, our home is something we are in control of. We can change it every day to improve our mood.


Every home should be designed so that we like to come there; whether after a long day at work or a nice holiday. Optimally, it is always inviting, warm and happy. A comfortable place with positive vibes. To make your home such a place, here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Individual, quirky pieces of furniture
    Do you have some pieces of furniture that make you smile each time you see them? For example, a strange looking chair can trigger such an effect. Even items that do not fit the rest of the setup can have this effect. But because it's always about feeling good, we should only put strange things that we really like in your home.
  2. Appeal to the sense of sight
    Man is an associative machine. So it is not surprising that specific colours are associated with certain moods. Red and orange are stimulating, blue makes you calm. So we should consciously use wall paints, colour schemes in decor and wallpapers, and bring colour into the right mood.
    Another point is pictures. Adding cheerful, uplifting, relaxing pictures to your home will have an effect on your mood - just as depressing pictures affect us. But what makes one person happy can make the other sad. So here, we cannot give general tips, this is entirely up to your personal taste. Of course, the images should fit the rest of the decor, otherwise, they are a nuisance.
    We must not forget the lighting. Dark corners tend to cause gloomy thoughts, so we should consciously deal with the lighting. In the days of LED lights, we have more lighting options than ever before. Here you can let off steam. The important thing is to buy lamps that have warm light.
  3. Address the sense of hearing
    Music influences our mood and feelings. Anyone who has ever heard music can confirm that. Relaxing music can help you get away from everyday stress and arrive home safely. Thanks to new technologies, sound and design are no longer contradictions.
  4. Respond to the sense of smell
    Odours have a strong influence on our memory. Who has not ever had a smell bring an ancient event back out of the depths of memory? In addition, smells affect our mood actively (keyword aromatherapy). We should use these effects in our home. Lavender is z. B. a smell that calms and relaxes. But every appealing smell can caus positive feelings. The best way is to use a nebulizer.
  5. Appeal to the sense of touch
    Often it is the small details and elements that make the difference. For that, we can also use the sense of touch. Surfaces are far too seldom deliberately chosen, but a soft blanket on the couch in the living room can be relaxing just by being touched.
  6. A tidy home for a tidy mood
    Cleanliness and order give us the feeling of structure. After a chaotic day, returning to a tidy home can make things happen again, getting back down faster. It's like restarting the day. Here the principle "less is more" helps. Simplicity is the key - the less you have, the less you can lay around, get dusty ... too much junk just creates clutter.
  7. Fresh green
    Living things connect us with nature. That's why it's always good to have real plants at home. If we live with plants that bloom, we feel happier and happier.

Of course, there are many other tips that will turn a house or apartment into a real home, but the ones listed here are the basis for creating a truly comfortable and cosy home that invites you to linger, relax and unwind. that makes you happy. We spend a lot of time in our home, so it is important that we feel comfortable in it.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.