Creative tips & tricks for various household problems

Creative tips & tricks for various household problems

Here are a few creative tricks that can make your everyday life easier. From creative stain removal to silver cutlery.

It's often the little things that make life difficult for us. This need not be. Here are a few creative tricks to make everyday life a little easier and less complicated.

Help old silver cutlery shine

Silver cutlery looks great, unfortunately, the precious metal has a penchant for oxidation and then it's off with its signature shine. But do not worry, there's a trick on how to make silverware shine again.

For that, you dress a bowl with aluminium foil. Then mix in a cup of salt with a cup of soda and pour the whole with hot water. Now put the tarnished silver cutlery in the bowl, leave it for ten minutes and then dry it off. The next banquet is saved.

Collect dirt while drilling holes

To catch dirt, if you drill a hole in the wall to attach a picture, you can use a post-it. This one folds in half and just sticks it under the spot where you want to drill. The falling dirt ends up in the fold of the post-its.

Make holes disappear in the wall

Small holes in a white wall (for instance due to a nail, because there once was a picture hanging there) can be made to disappear with chalk. Just take a piece of chalk and rub it over the hole until it's gone.

Stain removal

Stains are never beautiful and some are particularly stubborn. Here are three simple solutions for particularly unruly spots:

Red wine stains on the carpet: the easiest way to remove white wine is by no means a joke. Just empty some white wine over the red wine stain and rub with a sponge cloth until the stain is gone.

Felt pen on wood: Especially if you have children at home, you may find writing on the table instead of on a piece of paper. This is where toothpaste helps. Simply place in the appropriate places, rub with your finger and wipe away. Finished.

Lipstick on fabric: Just add alcohol to the appropriate place and rub it clean with a sponge or cloth.

Magazine file for the kitchen

What has always been justified in the office can also be of great help in the kitchen. With a standing file collector, you can not just sort loose fruits and vegetables sorted by variety, put it laterally in the fridge, it eliminates clutter. The same applies if you put it in storage and so has a simple system of order against the chaos.

Packing suitcases

Unfortunately, packing a suitcase is not always a pleasure. The following tricks are easier:

Transparent film against leaking: It is rare, but unfortunately it happens. You're travelling, unpacking your suitcase and notice that something has run out. You can easily prevent this by giving a piece of transparent film between the lid and the tube. So you can make cosmetic products leak-proof.

Against bad odours in a suitcase: That is very easy. Here you only need a dryer cloth that you put into the suitcase. This sucks up bad odours.

Against wrinkles: So that clothes are not wrinkled after unpacking, you can roll them up. Yes, that's right: roll them up! Just take a large piece of tissue paper, put the garment on top, cover it with another piece of tissue paper and then roll it up. Wrinkles have no chance.