Glass Fireplaces - Coziness at Home

Fire has accompanied humans for thousands of years. Maybe it's this long relationship that helps us associate a homey, cozy atmosphere with a fireplace. Even without a chimney, you can enjoy this cozy atmosphere with glass lanterns & fireplaces.

Use and control of fire was an essential factor in the development of man. Since the time of the Upper Paleolithic era, or the younger portion of the Paleolithic Era (40,000 -.. 9700 BC), it has been a part of all civilizations.

The reason for this is simple: controlling fire offered many advantages. By heating food, food became easier to digest. In addition, food became more durable and parasites, bacteria and viruses were killed during smoking. Fire simultaneously offered light and heat and also protected from predators and insects. Furthermore, wood and stones could be cured and fired. In later times, ceramics were made and various ores were melted.

Fire also has religious and mythical significance. Just think of the Phoenix, the bird that burns and rises from its own ashes, or the burning bush of the Bible, to name just two of the countless examples.

For fire to be created, three factors must align: fuel, oxygen and heat. Chemically, fire is a reaction from oxygen that results in flames. Fire produces more energy through warmth than is required for the ignition. So it is an exothermic reaction.

Today fire is divided into two major categories: functional, or friendly fire and malicious fires. A controlled fire has a purpose. A campfire creates not only light, but also warmth and comfort.

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