Tips for Fall Table Decorations

When it gets to be the time of year when Nature starts showing off her colors, you know that the days are going to start getting shorter and grayer. Before the colors disappear and the snowy white of winter arrives, take inspiration from the autumn leaves and use their colors for decorative purposes.

If you would like to bring your fall leaves inside to use as decorations, the leaves have to be dried first. One drying method involves placing the leaves on parchment paper, covering them with a second layer of parchment paper and weighing them down with a book or books. Change the baking paper daily and after a few days you'll have dry leaves. A second method uses a sealable glass container that is filled with a layer of salt. Lay the leaves down next to each other, then pour a layer of salt over them. You can layer the leaves and salt until you are finished. Finally, seal the container. After about a week, the leaves will be dry.

Dried leaves can be used for wonderful table decorations. Your imagination knows practically no limits! Nevertheless, here are a few ideas! The colorful leaves make a wonderful contrast to the often gloomy weather in the fall. You can weave a wreath or buy a wreath and decorate it with the leaves. This is a very simple, yet powerful decorative piece.

You can also use decorative elements in the shades of gold, red or brown to match the leaves. They also complement natural materials (wood, gourds, etc.) perfectly. Do not forget that you can also combine the leaves with flowers like sunflowers or dahlias.