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Fink silver home accessories are just one of the trademarks of Fink Living. Silver products such as candlesticks, lanterns, candle holders, bowls, vases and pots make up this comprehensive and stylish range of products.

Fink Living is known for quality material, timeless design and gorgeous workmanship. Fink is a brand known for tasteful home accessories. Products range from elegant and grandiose chandeliers to lanterns, large & small vases, bowls and decorative dishes. Fink provides simply anything you need to uniquely and tastefully decorate your living room, dining room, office, kitchen and patio.

Live well and set your home up beautifully with Fink Living.

All silver-plated products from the Fink collection are primarily handcrafted. They are smoothed, polished and soldered by hand. Slight irregularities on the surfaces and at the soldered seams bear witness to this handcrafted method and allow each piece to be one of a kind.

To make these products, a thin layer of nickel is applied to a brass core, followed by the application of high-quality Fink silver plating.

 It is in the nature of silver to slowly darken over time, but our high-quality silver care products put the shine back in your silver. Quickly and easily maintain and restore your product with Fink silver polish. 

For over 25 years the Fink brand has been one of the leading suppliers of silver-plated home accessories and gifts. Fink relies on hand crafted unique quality, aesthetics and connoisseurship to continue to define a brand that stands for high quality. Successful products designed by designers like Henry Fink have determined the success of the range since the company was founded.

Fink Silver:

For millennia silver has been one of mankind's most precious materials; its use is inseparable from our history. This special material is as individual and unique as the designs in Fink's collections. Fink's combination of fine silver with high quality materials allows us to rediscover our passions. Whether it is the classic shape or clean lines, products from Fink Home bring a special ambience and a hint of luxury to your world. Exclusively from Fink designers, Fink's products are lovingly crafted in fine detail in our factories. The hand craftsmanship means that part of our product's charm comes from their slight imperfections, which are a natural part of  silver working.

As unique as our designs, our collection is very diverse. Our combinations of quality materials adds new shine to your world and creates exciting themes in your home. The classic form and clean lines of Fink products bring a touch of luxury into any room. Exclusively designed by Finch designers, our products are handmade in loving detail in our factories, becoming the unique pieces that make up the charm of the Fink accessories brand.