Blumat Blumat for Indoor Plants, 25 Pc Package

A fully automatic irrigation system

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Blumat is a fully automatic irrigation system for plants and supplies them directly with water. The water is stored in the porous clay cone and is then absorbed into the soil of the planter as it gets drier. The water comes from a storage container standing next to the planter that slowly rises up to the pot via a hose that is about 80 cm long. In this way, 200 ml of water can be provided to the plant per day. This capacity is designed precisely for the water consumption needs of indoor plants. By choosing between two different cone sizes, the rate the water flows can be adjusted as needed. Please note: in order for the system to work, the water level in the storage tank must be physically lower than or equal to the height of the planter.


  • Your plants always get the right amount of water they need.
  • You don't have to worry about watering the plants regularly.
  • Your plants will be well cared for while you're on vacation.

How the Blumat works
The Blumat works using water tension. First, the cone is filled with water and then shut. As the soil begins to get dry, the cone releases water into the soil. As the pressure in the tube builds, the cone sucks water out of the water reservoir.

How to use the the Blumat
Place the clay cone in water for a few minutes before filling it with water and closing it. Be sure to carefully squeeze any air bubbles out of the tube. Insert the clay cone tip down into the soil. For large pots, use two cones. For large platers, use one cone every 15 to 20 cm.
Then immerse the suction tube in a full water container, making sure that the end of the tube reaches to the bottom of the container. Important: The water level in the storage tank must be below the green cap of the clay cone. You can adjust the flow rate by raising or lowering the storage tank.

Type of Product: Plant Irrigation

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