Blumat Plant Irrigation

For healthy plants even when you're on holiday!

The Specialist for Professional Irrigation

Keep your plants happy and healthy with this automatic watering system! The innovative plant irrigation system uses Blumat drip heads and drip hoses to deliver only as much water to your plants as they need. This not only makes everyday life easier, but your plants also stay healthy and strong while you're on holiday. It also saves you the awkward adventure of finding friends to pop in and water your plants for you! It could hardly be any easier!

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Blumat's Features

This innovative irrigation system is a relief to anyone who occasionally forgets to water their plants or has trouble carrying heavy watering cans. Here are a few of Blumat's top features:

  • Your plants get exactly as much water as they need
  • You don't waste water
  • You'll save time on watering
  • You don't have to stress about your plants while you're on holiday

Blumat offers lots of accessories that make it easy to adapt the irrigation system to your needs. Find accessories for your garden, patio or balcony. The Blumat Digital Reader shows you exactly how much water your plants need with just the push of a button. The professional moisture sensor can tell you how well your plants' roots are absorbing water, making it easy to know how often to water your plant.