Do-It-Yourself Furniture Embellishment

Has your old furniture lost its shine or luster? In this article we'll give you a few suggestions on how to spiff up and bring life back to your old furniture.

A battered wardrobe, an old chest of drawers or discarded old armchair - time gnaws away the glitz of even the most beautiful pieces of furniture. This does not mean that they should be sent to the junkyard. A bit of polish, paint or the right decorations and your favorite old furniture pieces can be restored to their former beauty.

Whether you want to restore the original condition of your furniture, or want to give an old piece new pep, is up to you. Here are a few suggestions - you just let your imagination run wild! Here are our ideas for some creative embellishments.

  • Tables: An old table with chips and scratches once had character, but quickly starts to look shabby. Need to cover up the imperfections? Flowers could be the solution. Pick flowers and plants that you like and press and dry them. It is important not to use too many different colors. Then, find a glass plate to fit the size of the table. Place the flowers on the table in a design that you like. These flowers can cover the largest scars. Using a glass overlay has two advantages: it is easy to clean and prevents further scarring of the table.
  • Wooden furniture: Worn, old wooden furniture can be easiest to beautify. Often all they need is new paint or a new color. Sand away old color to reveal a clean surface. If you want to re-emphasize the original color or add a new one, you can decide how much paint to remove. Then paint the furniture for a new look. The Shabby Chic look is currently in! To achieve this look, paint the furniture. Once it is dry, use the sandpaper to remove a bit of paint from the edges. 
  • New handles: swapping out handles is an easy way to embellish furniture quickly and easily. Handles comes in all kinds of designs and colors. Achieve a special effect by mixing and matching, or adding a handle that is the opposite color of the furniture, or one that adds a highlight.
  • Wall stickers, wallpaper etc:  there are tons of ways to add design or colors to your walls without painting. Wall stickers are simple and easy to use. Simply select a design that you like, and add it anywhere, even to glass on a cabinet. Simply cut out the wallpaper to the size of the glass surface, then spray the back with spray adhesive and glue onto the outside of glass. This is also a quick way to pep up shelves.
    With a good old potato stamp you can decorate virtually everything from upholstery and cushion covers to blinds to walls and furniture. Simply cut a potato into the design you want and use it as a stamp. Customize several stamps with different motifs. Then paint over the stamp on the potato and get stamping. 
  • Fabric: Old chairs and other furniture can be modernized quickly with a new fabric. You can add immediate flair by using different colors on different cushions. You are also welcome to make your own covers for pillows and cushions. Whether crocheted, or potato stamped, you can make lots of your own covers. Of course, you can also purchase new seat covers. Why not create a kind of patchwork style by sewing fabric squares together? You can also cut foam to size to make comfortable seats. Then take the fabric that you have chosen in advance (preferably different patterns from one color family) and staple or glue it with a hot glue gun to the individual foam squares. Arrange and attach the squares for a homemade couch.

We hope you enjoy the new life you've brought into your home!