Coffee goodness on a whole new level

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GINA is a coffee maker of the latest generation, which impresses not only with its attractive design but also with its innovative brewing techniques. Each cup becomes a unique experience, full of flavour and subtleties that take you into a new world of enjoyment. You have the opportunity to vary the character of your coffee by choosing the brewing method, easily adapting a technique to suit your individual tastes. Gina enables you to enjoy coffee in a whole new dimension.

In addition, you can also make tea with GINA.


The unique design, somewhere between High Art and Erlenmeyer flasks, makes GINA an eyecatcher in every kitchen. The ceramic filter, the stainless steel frame and the teapot made of borosilicate glass complement each other perfectly and together form a coffee maker that meets the highest aesthetic standards.

Brewing Techniques

Open the valve of GINA, pour hot water over the coffee powder in the filter and enjoy the elegant coffee flow. With this method, you get the purest taste and the clearest character of the coffee beans used.

Steep the ground coffee in the water for three minutes and then open the valve to enjoy strong coffee with a full body.

Cold Drip
Add ground coffee to the Cool Drip, pour cold water into the ceramic filter, set the drop flow, and extract GINA for hours of the finest cold drip coffee. The coffee prepared in this way impresses with its sweet and mild taste as well as its gentle body.


Precision valve
The precision valve is the highlight of GINA and allows you to set the perfect taste. For Pour Over, leave the valve open, close it for immersion, and set it to the lowest level for Cold Drip - whichever way you like!

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Technical specifications

  • Ceramic filter with 0.3-litre capacity and precision valve
  • Stainless steel cold drip filter
  • Borosilicate glass cold drip device with a capacity of 60 g
  • Coffee jug made of borosilicate glass with a capacity of 0.75 litres
  • Frame made of stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 345 x 163 x 135 mm
  • 1000 mAh Li-Polymer battery
  • Rechargeable via micro USB
  • Up to 15 hours brewing capacity