Deroma Terracotta "Royal" Planter

Classic Galestro clay planter

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Terracotta "Royal" Planter

  • This planter is made with Galestro clay and has an absolutely elegant design. The classic shape and stylish décor complement each other perfectly!

Galestro Clay - An Exquisite Material with a Long Tradition

  • Galestro clay comes from the Tuscan hills and is considered one of the finest clay materials with outstanding natural and aesthetic properties. The planters are breathable and very frost resistant. The pyrite particles in the clay give the surface natural irregularities and a fascinating depth with countless colour nuances. Each of the planters is unique.
Materials : Terracotta
Special Properties: Suitable for Outdoor Use

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Material: Galestro clay

Diameter Height
20 cm 18.5 cm
25 cm 22.7 cm
30 cm 27.0 cm
38 cm 34.0 cm