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HAIM - the fireplace
What makes the Haim fireplace so special? It is a combination of factors including modern design, quick heat emission, long heat storage capacity thanks to a solid core, efficient combustion through the innovative HAIM combustion chamber, the use of high-quality components and uncomplicated construction. Transform your home into a relaxing oasis of warmth, comfort and wellbeing with this beautiful fireplace.

The smart storage heater

  • Storage stove in an elegant design with a large glass front (full-fledged tiled stove)
  • Easy to care for and stable in value thanks to high-quality materials
  • Efficient combustion
  • Rapid heat release
  • Long storage due to solid core
  • Slim, lightweight and space-saving
  • Modular construction
  • Covering available in different colours
  • Operation is independent of indoor air: external combustion air supply with intelligent automatic supply air system (optional), meets the requirements of low-energy construction
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for safely opening and closing the door
  • Vertical combustion chamber, top-down combustion
  • DIN EN 15250 and Art. 15a B-VG certified

Long-lasting soothing warmth
Relax on the couch with your loved ones and enjoy the natural, pleasant warmth of a crackling fire in your HAIM fireplace. The special thing about the HAIM stove is that it heats up very quickly after it has been lit and, thanks to its heat storage properties, it continues to radiate pleasant natural warmth into the room many hours after the fire has burned out. The HAIM Fireplace Pro stores heat longer than the smaller model, the HAIM Fireplace Classic.

Design and quality in symbiosis
The HAIM fireplace combines elegant design with the highest quality and is perfect for those who want to reduce fuel consumption but not forego the comfort of a warm home either. It also adds a cosy warm ambience to your home! The HAIM fireplace is the perfect choice for energy-saving houses because of its high energy efficiency.

A clear view of the flames
A large viewing window made of glass, which is continuously flushed with air from all sides, provides an unobstructed view of the flames at all times. Thanks to the integrated window flushing, neither soot nor dust stick to the glass. The combustion chamber is constructed with our patented chamotte stone - the H-stone.

Pure innovation - the fireplace made from H-stone
With the development of the H-Stone, we have succeeded in closing the gap between a designer fireplace and a tiled stove. The masonry heating insert made up of H-stone meets all modern requirements and heating requirements. The H-brick enables air to be routed within the fireclay bricks so that the HAIM combustion chamber is supplied with air from all sides. This leads to optimal and clean combustion with very low emissions and very little ash.

Pizza baking in your HAIM fireplace
Yes, you read that right! You can even bake a pizza in your HAIM fireplace! The HAIM pizza stone can be hung in the combustion chamber of the HAIM oven after the fire has burned down. The high temperature inside the fireplace lets your pizza bake perfectly in just two minutes. Enjoy your wood-fired pizza straight from your own HAIM fireplace.

Protection in the event of a power failure
In the event of a power failure, the HAIM fireplace offers you the great advantage of being able to heat your home independently of the power supplied by your local energy provider. Rest assured that your home will always be warm and cosy, even during a blackout!

Your contribution to the energy transition
The ongoing climate change is forcing us to not only consume fewer raw materials but also switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Wood is particularly inexpensive as a fuel and is also CO2-neutral and renewable. Every tree is a store of CO2. When we burn wood, we release CO2 stored in the wood into the air. But when we plant new trees, they recapture and store CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby neutralising the CO2 that was released by burning wood in the first place. The forested areas in Austria and Germany are increasing every year thanks to strong reforesting efforts

Everything from a single source - our service for you
The HAIM fireplace is delivered directly to your home. We take over the complete construction and commissioning of your new HAIM fireplace. This way you can be sure that everything fits and you save time and money. The pre-assembled modules enable quick assembly and can be ready within a day. The construction site remains clean. The HAIM fireplace can be retrofitted quickly and easily in existing residential properties. Another great advantage is that it can be dismantled again if necessary. This means that you can even take your HAIM fireplace with you - should you move.

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