How to Find the Perfect Vase

Vases are much more than just a container for storing flowers. They are decorative elements with which you can give a room a special tone or contribute to the feel-good atmosphere. They are decorative and functional. They come in all shapes and colors, so there is something for everyone. 

Vases are available in many different variations. They differ in size, shape, color and material. There are large, small, narrow, pot-bellied, round, wide, square, plain, or patterned vases. They are ceramic, glass, metal, wood or stone and can be engraved, carved or embellished.

To be prepared for any occasion, it is advisable to have vases in various sizes, styles and colors.

Through their diversity, it is easy to find a vase for any room. Sometimes a vase looks great alone. Sometimes fresh flowers add to the effect of the vase. Either way, as decorative elements they contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. Depending on the season, they should be filled with different things. Flowers and branches or other decorations. The imagination knows practically no limits.

If you decide to use fresh flowers, the right presentation is crucial.

Not every vase complements every flower. The flowers should be complementary to the vase and vice versa. Here are a few pointers for how to use your vases:

Tall, Slender Vases

These vases are usually very simple and elegant. They are ideally suited for single, long-stemmed flowers. The vase is discrete in the background and highlights the impact of the flowers. The result is a harmonious overall picture.

Drop Vases

Drop vases can be used with several types of flowers depending on their form. Narrow but tall drop vases are ideal for single flowers, shorter but more bulbous drop vases with wider necks are suitable for smaller flower arrangements.

Round Vases

Round, spherical vases are best for lush, large flowers. The spherical shape of the vase and the large, round flowers have a great mutual effect. The larger the vase opening, the larger the bouquet should be. However, the "less is more" principle still applies.

Rectangular and Square Vases

Square vases look nice with smaller flower arrangements. The vase shape is nice in contrast to round flowers, which contributes to the effect.

Floor Vases

Large floor vases, in whatever form, should always be reserved for large, bountiful bouquets. These bouquets should only contain one type of flower though, so that the greater picture maintains its elegance. In addition, these vases attract so much attention that additional decorative elements shouldn't be used in their vicinity. 

But as I said: not every vase needs to draw attention to itself. Vases can incidentally also be used as sculptures and arranged as such in the room. If you'd like to use several vases in one room, try to stick to similar colors and shapes.