Farfalla Organic White Fir Grand Cru

Revives & activates any space in an instant


This essential oil stems from France and has an appealing fresh and resinous scent that purifies the air. It uplifts the mood and promotes a feeling of positivity and courage.


  • Use as a room scenting and personal aromatherapy.
  • Note: Consult literature for aromatherapy before use.


  • Strengthing & invigorating bath: Mix 4 - 10 drops with a coconut foam base (liquid soap), honey or cream.
  • Fragrance lamps: Blend with citrus oils during the colder season.
  • Recommended for use in the sauna.

  • Origin: France
  • Part of the plant used: needle
  • Extraction method: steam distillation
  • Botanical name: Abies alba
Type of Product: Home Fragrances
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Ingredients (INCI): Abies alba

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