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  • The year 1928 played an important role in the history of Zoeppritz and of Disney. In 1928, 100 years after the company was founded, ’zoeppritz since 1828’ became the sole outfitter of the LZ 127 blimp (Graf Zeppelin). During the zeppelin’s first overseas journey to the US, part of its outer wall was damaged. Eight Zoeppritz-blankets were sewn together to repair the damage, which saved the lives of many of the passengers. 
  • Mickey Mouse is also said to have made his debut in 1928 at the premiere of „Steamboat Willie“, the first animated film with sound. Mickey was the main character in this film.

About the collaboration: 

  • „Working with DISNEY is one of the highlights of our company’s 200 year history“, said Jan Alt, the managing director of Zoeppritz GmbH.
  • „DISNEY gave us access to their company archives and gave us a large choice from their iconic and historical designs. It was fascinating to see how Mickey Mouse's appearance has changed over time. It quickly became clear that the original mouse would be perfect for our collection. We are very pleased with what we have achieved and are looking forward to our cooperation."

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