Flexa - By Experts for Children

Flexa is a traditional Danish company that has been developing and manufacturing furniture and equipment for babies and children for 45 years.

Design & Purpose

The furnishing solutions resulting from development should be able to adapt to the changing needs of growing children. Flexa has set itself the goal to develop the most affordable, functional and environmentally friendly solutions for the nursery.

A very high goal, but the success and the established history of the company proves it right.

Particular emphasis is placed on the combination of sophisticated design and practicality. It does not just have to look good, it also has to be practical. An attitude that is unfortunately often missed today.

Sustainable quality

In addition to high quality requirements regarding the design, the company also places high demands on the raw materials from which the furniture is manufactured. Therefore, the company has different certificates and different measures to use as few resources as possible:

PEFC certificate: Flexa only uses wood that carries this certificate. This ensures that the international and strict standards for sustainable forestry are complied with.

Further use: At Flexa, everything is processed so that no tree was felled in vain. Remaining stumps, shavings and even sawdust are reused. For example, the sawdust becomes wood pellets.

Oeko-Tex: For babies and children to sleep and play without chemicals and other harmful substances, all textiles used by Flexa have the Oeko-Tex seal.

Special varnish: The varnish used by Flexa is exclusively environmentally friendly UV water-based varnish. This is free of solvents and toxic dyes. At the same time, it is also durable and will last a long time so wear occurs only following a long life. Just the thing for lively children.

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