Styling Trends and Decoration in 2015: New Comfort is Here!

The world outside is fast, exciting, and promising. My world inside my own four walls is inviting, relaxing, and warm,  with a touch of luxury of course! My home shows off my taste and lifestyle in each of my individual statement pieces!

The interior design trends in 2015 tend toward providing a sense of security and protection at home - and are still very casual and playful. The decorative trends in 2015 highlight high quality materials like coarsely knitted wool and natural linenMetals  like copper radiate heat, touching on the warm and secure feelings of the design. The slick, clean design of this years furniture exudes impromptu comfort with a casual embrace between the winged chairs of the past with the raised tops of today. Real furs and faux furs like a chinchilla or a brown bear design- complete a cuddly feel for your home. These realistic looking faux furs are a natural choice for 2015, where fur factories are a thing of the past.

Everyone has different taste when it comes to accessorizing. Pillows , throws and candles add a comfort factor with a romantic touch, inspiring people all over the world. Photo murals are also in, whether a silver lion ,  a praying monk or, a real trend for 2015, live cats in their unsurpassable two or three dimensional splendor on calendars, as a statue or as small, fine decorations. A matryoshka doll should also not be missed in 2015. Finely assembled flower arrangements in ornate containers also add to your design. Less is more, but a perfect eye catcher can easily replace jungles of loose plants. 

All in all, quality in the foreground. The interior design trends of 2015 resurrect craftsmanship and revive an abundance of textures. The colors represent the new natural trend: pastel variety meets soft natural tones and vibrant color accents. Overall, the colors of the world are getting warmer and favoring green-blue phases. Strong earthy colors, red and especially copper orange symbolize the joy of life.