Living Trends in 2016

A big change is before us in 2016! Futuristic design, high-tech appliances and synthetic fibers have become obsolete, making room for more color, naturalness and individuality.

If your apartment is newly decorated and was the height of fashion last year, you might be surprised. This year, home style is very different than it was in 2015 and the years before.

Colors celebrate a triumphant return in many households. Yellow is one of the colors in the foreground. Whether mustard, lemon or yellow sand, the hue of the color makes no difference. The color yellow is a symbol of optimism and energy and radiates heat. Yellow will be omnipresent in 2016.

Yellow stands for openness and brings us on to the next trend. Sharp divisions between individual rooms are disappearing. The gentle transition from one residential area to another is one of the ways style has changed.

A fusion of modernity and tradition is also coming back in style. Pure Futurism has had its day. Current design tends towards discreet naturalness with wood used as the main material. Its grainy structure and accents are in demand. Leather is also experiencing an upswing in use.

Whenever you make changes, keep in mind that functionality is key. Even more so, functionality is amplified to multifunctionality. A sideboard can be used as a room divider, or a sofa could convert into a bed.

Oriental elements such as ornate ornaments, colorful bowls and velvety upholstery reappear in design.

The dining room table has also developed into the center of the home. This trend has been on the rise in recent years. Buzzwords like casual dining fly around, creating a place where you can enjoy your food and chillout or lounge all at once. This creates a challenge.

Finally, homemade items are back in vogue again. In addition to self-pickled vegetables and homemade jam in the kitchen, knitting is also hip. Whether in decorative throws or as a lampshade, using your own knitting skills is totally ok!