Creative in the Spring - Flowery Decorative Arrangements

Outside the first flowers are opening their colorful blossoms. The cheerful yellow and purple crocuses attract attention; the white of snowdrops and the first violets are already in bloom. Then there are the cuddly, soft pussy willow catkins that put us in an Easter mood. Flower arrangements add touches of color, put us in a good mood and display our extravagant accessories. 

Vases in timeless shapes and colors can always be put to good use. They display your flowers perfectly and add a unique atmosphere to the room. Transparent glass with a metal rim can display tulips, daffodils and hyacinths to their best advantage. If the vase itself is an eye-catcher in clear-bright aquamarine, bright yellow daffodils or deep red tulips, attract any eye (caution: daffodils fade faster than any other flower!). Even with gentle pastel vases show off delicate pink and light blue hyacinths with class. 
A highlight and a trendy kick are vases consist of several vases in one. The smallest part of the vase can display violets, the larger parts palm branches. In between, forget me nots and a cowslip or tulips and daffodils can be shown off.

Those who prefer planters can also plant spring flowers. Flowers look particularly nice shown off on a gold column, or in planters made of plastic, wood, or ceramics - oh la la! Some planters are in and of themselves are already wonderful decorations and do not need any  flowers. This applies to vases have particularly bold characteristics.

Another tip: the yellow in the Daffodil bouquet shines even brighter when there is a yellow accessory in the living room to match: a casually draped yellow fleece blanket or a flowery cushion helps tie the room  and flowers together. If you have no time but still want to see cheerful flowers, you can still decorate with artificial plants and invite the green of spring and the joy of flowers and color to your home. We wish you good luck!